Eyejot Pro Plus members can now attach documents to their messages. This new feature makes it easy to send office documents, such as Word and Excel files, PDFs, images, video content, audio files and more. Web links can also be attached.

While Eyejot video messages represent a powerful form of communication all by themselves, we recognize that it's sometimes important to send other types of information. For example, an attorney might want to create a video message for their client and attach a legal document written in Microsoft Word. A support engineer for a manufacturer might want to include a PDF of a product manual. An accountant might want to attach an Excel spreadsheet.

With Eyejot attachments you can upload and send multiple files. Each one can be as large as 25MB. In addition to regular files, you can also attach URLs (web links) to your message. In the the example above with the support engineer, they might want to add one or more direct links to their corporate web site, such as to an FAQ or online help area.

The best way to learn how to add attachments to an Eyejot message is to watch the following screencast:

This feature is only available to PRO Plus users. You can upgrade here.

You may notice that the audio and video within the screencast where our narrator is shown may not be synchronized. This is actually an attribute of recording the screen with our screencasting tool. Just so you know, it's not Eyejot's fault!

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